The beginnings...

Bass Raft comes to you via an upstart father and son team of Wisconsin fisherman with a different vision for kayak fishing. We've built a mashup of bass boat deck and kayak, a super lightweight and stable fishing platform designed so you can fish all day standing up.

A Sunday afternoon conversation about composite construction turned into an obsession to build the best fishing platform the world has ever seen. If you forget that you are NOT on the deck of a boat, lightly cruising around a lake, through shallows, quietly creeping up on a dock, we've succeeded in our goal.

Stand up and fish,

Joey - Engineering

Tony - Business Operations

Bass Raft is proudly manufactured in the USA, in west central Wicsonsin.
Each Bass Raft is hand crafted and precision tuned to be light and strong, ready for as many days on the water as you are.

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